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Blog, Podcast, and Online Community for Those who are DONE with American Church


Misogyny, Arrogance, Abuse, Mistreatment of the LGBTQ+ Community, Power Grabs, Dishonest Cover-ups, Manipulation, Lack of Intellectual Integrity, Shaming, Judgmental-ism, Fakeness, being used, and not being valued.

Looking for:

A place to be empowered, listened to, respected, and valued, where we can have doubts, questions, fears, struggles, and make mistakes and still be accepted and cared for.

My vision is to re-connect the disconnected people who are done with church and encourage us to build supportive safe communities where we can explore our next steps.
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About Me

I’m a burnt out English teacher, born in NC, Connecticut-ian, with a Calypso soul, who loves tacos.

I’m bitter about church abuse and how they’ve misrepresented Jesus!

I have been studying the Bible most of my life. I grew up as a Southern Baptist. I tried to change church culture from within for 20 years. Recently, young adults who were hurt by that culture have reached out to me and shared their trauma. They cemented my decision to be “DONE” with that culture.

I love hearing from my readers/listeners. Please share your comments here or on FB. You can always email me: cindy@rumandcolaforthesoul.com

And if you are ever in Coventry, Ct. we are always having people over for Sunday lunch, stop by!


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