You Are Treasured

I am honored to have met so many amazing women through the years who have overcome unbelievable hardships. I don’t understand a lot of things in this world, but I absolutely 100% know that whatever you have lived through, the hurt, abuse, trauma, mistakes, fear, none of that is in any way a sign that God doesn’t love you. Our world is full of evil that I can’t explain. I don’t begin to understand why those things happen. What I do know is that in those moments, God wants to comfort us, empower us, and remind us that we are still his beloved daughters and he wants to walk through these battles with us. He wants to comfort us. He wants us to know that we are a treasure valued above anything else in this world.

He wants us to know that we are a treasure valued above anything else in this world.

We aren’t defined by our past!

The world may define us by what has happened to us, but God wants to free us from that.

He sees all that he created us for and doesn’t want the evil in this world to keep us from that. You do not have to let whatever you have been through define you. It will always shape you and how you see the world but that can bring tremendous beauty and healing as you understand God’s tremendous love for all who suffer in this world.

I know that triggers a lot of emotions. I know you still have anger to work through. It’s OK. Feel what you need to feel. You can rise above it all. You can yell at God about how bad it hurts. You can scream about why he feels so far away and uncaring. You can let go of trying to numb the pain and make it go away and ask him to help.

It’s a process. It’s hard. It takes time. But you will rise. You will always be treasured by God.

I hope this site helps you along the way. I hope you find a safe place to share your story. I pray you learn a little about how precious you really are.

Your Story Matters

There is tremendous healing in sharing our stories. When we deal with abuse, we often feel like it is our fault. We often hide and are isolated because of things that are happening to us or things that happened in our past. Sadly, religion often adds to the pain by telling us to keep quiet, just stuff down the hurt and pretend that everything is OK. For me, it felt like ignoring pain was what faith is all about.

But when we share our stories, there is tremendous freedom. You will discover that you are not alone. You will find connection. You will find the power to see yourself differently. The shame of what you faced will no longer define you, it will be a reminder that you are strong and have overcome pain and you can use your strength to help others.

Survivor Stories

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I’d love to help you share your story!


Stories of people who survived suicide attempts and went on to find healing and productive lives.

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