Me & my husband, Brian. (I'm on the left...)

Me & my husband, Brian. (I'm on the left...)

Meet your bartender

My name is Cindy Felkel. And I’m not going to lie, I actually suck at bar-tending. If you ask me to fix you a Long Island Iced Tea, I’m going to be like “Uhmm…I looked at the recipe. It was complicated. Soooo, here’s a regular iced tea with some vodka in it!”

Basically, when it comes to mixing drinks, I max out at three ingredients. Mostly, I’m about mixing fruit juice or cola with rum. (Also, cinnamon whiskey and hard cider are pretty amazing together.) With beers I’m kinda like, I live in New England, so just drink whatever Sam Adams is in season! And wine…meh…it all tastes the same to me.

My credentials for being the figurative bartender on this site are just as un-dazzling. I don’t have any letters after my name. The only time a reporter has ever interviewed me was when I was watching fireworks at Tom Brown park in Florida. I said something fascinating and life-altering like “My kids think fireworks are cool and we like that the show is free.”

As for my career credentials: I worked mostly part-time jobs in education for 20 years. My degree is in High School English Education. I took any education job I could get: interim Spanish teacher, ESL tutor, at-risk youth mentor, reading tutor, substitute teacher, interim transition to adulthood teacher for students with intellectual developmental disorders, and my rock-bottom position: full-time building sub (which meant I stood around all day waiting for someone to go home sick).

Other than that:
I’m a wife, mom, and grandma. 
I am passionate about writing. 
I’m super sarcastic.
I value people and their stories
I actually, really am fascinated with reading the Bible.
I think Jesus is freaking awesome (and not represented well at all by current American church culture.)

So, don’t bring me your complicated drink order and don’t get complicated with your theology. This place is for regular people