Rules For Our FB Community

I need your input!

These rules are a work in progress. I only know what would make me feel safe. I would love to know what would make you feel safe and I will do my best to implement your suggestions.

Here is my first draft:

  1. Respect privacy.

    Don’t share anything you read on here.

  2. No attacking anyone ever.

    Bitter ranting and processing hurt IS allowed. Just don’t name individuals by name. Also, don’t attack each other or you will be removed from the group at the admins’ discretion. As in, if it seems unintentional and your apologetic that’s understandable. If you blatantly attack some one, you will be banned.

  3. Value everyone’s story.

  4. Read to understand and know each other.

  5. Offer advice only when it’s been asked for and only after making sure you really understand the other person

  6. Hold each other accountable for being intellectually honest.

  7. Value your relationship with people in this community more than you value proving anything to them.

  8. Seek to build each other up!

  9. Let people process their emotions.

    Don’t jump in and try to rescue people. Let’s practice empathy. Let’s grieve, rant, and celebrate together.

  10. Respond to requests for prayer with real prayers.

    If you say you are praying pray right then. No one expects you to fast and pray for months. Just be real. Write out an actual prayer and then pray when you think about the person.

  11. Contribute!

    Everyone’s voice matters. We need to hear what you have to say, even if it’s “I’m unsure how I feel about this.”

  12. Can I sell stuff? NOPE

    I will be more than happy to consider promote my followers businesses on my FB page and my website. Message me. But don’t use your connections here to try to make a buck. No matter how much you think your product will help them!