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Moving, Blundering, My Blog and Other Things that I Hate!

  I’m a Christian. I have the power of God living in me. I love to tell other people to remember that the Bible teaches “the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is at work in you who believe”. (Romans 6:10-11) I completely believe that. I know it is true. I have seen it work in other people’s lives dozens of times and in my own life 100’s of times. Only, I’m moving. I’m selling my house and moving from Coventry, RI to Coventry Ct. (You have to live in RI to understand how different these to worlds are.) I’m working my butt off trying to get everything done. I’m trying to maintain a great attitude about it all. If you ask me how it’s going, I will laugh and make a joke about how it’s a stressful blessing. In my personal head space, I’ve got a personal dialog going on that keeps reassuring me that everything is going GREAT! Only there’s this thing called reality and this other thing called society. It seems when I’m out among people, I’m not very good at pretending I have it all together. Take this scene from yesterday: I went to a cookout at my pastor, Tanner’s, house. A bunch of us were meeting to organize a day where we go out into the community and serve as many people as possible.  I’m working on a committee to give out basic needs to people. Tanner came up with the idea for my committee because he heard that some people were so desperate to have their basic needs met that they were actually stealing toilet paper. So, here I am at this meeting, a writer who is passionate about showing compassion to the needy. It’s kind of my life mantra: if you know Jesus, you know that he loves those in need.  Tanner points to me, asks me to introduce myself and tell about why I am on my committee. I wanted to give an eloquent speech on the Biblical commands to serve the needy. Only this happened instead… My mind went blank. “uhhh….my name is Cindy…” (cool. I got that part right! ) “and…I’m super passionate about people having toilet paper. That’s all I know to say!” (I probably shouldn…