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Arrogant Religion or Bold Faith?

Arrogant Religion Bold Faith Proud, Boastful Humble and Passionate Self-promoting Wants the best for others Focuses on being correct Wants people to know God Confident in having correct beliefs Confident in God’s work in my life and his desire to work in other people’s lives Confronts what I disagree with Confronts things that hurt people and things that keep them from knowing God’s love. Focuses on winning arguments even if it hurts others Focuses on relationships and seeking truth together. Believes I am accepted by God because of my moral superiority and correct beliefs Believes I have right standing with God because of his extreme love and I can never be good enough to deserve such love. Therefore, I freely extend this love to others.   I love saying “Christianity isn’t a religion. It’s a relationship.” As a matter of fact, it’s my number one religious belief! 😎  I was recently challenged with the idea that all religion is about gaining control over a chaotic world. I immediately saw the truth in this for everyone else! I’m not so ready to deal with the truths that this brought up in my own life. Let’s just say that I realize I still have a whole, whole lot of growing to do! Our religious beliefs, no matter what they are, are very close and personal to us. We all have them even if they are “I don’t believe in religion” and we all protect them. We surround ourselves with people who agree with us and filter out messages that challenge us. To some extent, we have to do this for our own sanity. We have to live our lives with a foundation to make decisions from. However, it’s important to understand the way religion works and why it feels comfortable to us if we truly want to base our religion on our relationship with Jesus. Otherwise, we fall into the trap of arrogantly defending our beliefs and traditions and ignoring Jesus’ greater purpose of walking through life boldly with him. Which brings us (finally) to John 18. In this chapter, we see a striking contrast between the arrogant religion of Peter and the bold faith of Jesus. And let me just start with saying, I’m not hating on Peter. He’s actually the MAN. I completely identify with him and his brash…