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Beggar Schools Thinkiest Thinkers

I have always been that annoying person who overthinks everything. I made my 6th grade teacher absolutely nuts. One time I was arguing with her about a worksheet we had that simply said to write if each sentence was an opinion or a fact. One of the sentences said, “Sally thinks that she is pretty.” I put “fact”. Of course, I got the answer wrong. My teacher explained, “being pretty or not pretty is an opinion. John might think Sally is ugly.” (Which I think would also be a fact!) LOL. I tried and tried to explain to her that I thought “Sally is pretty” was an opinion but “Sally thinks that she is pretty” is an observable provable fact because you could ask Sally and you could observe how Sally acts. When I had finally frustrated the peejeebers out of my teacher, she said, “You just need to accept the answer and go sit down!!!” At church, I had a lot of similar experiences. When I raised my hand to ask a question, I remember getting eye rolls and heavy sighs from many a weary volunteer who wasn’t ready to delve into the mysteries of the cosmos with her elementary school students. I’m sure they were all thinking “I just signed up to share a flannelgraph story and make crafts out of popsicle sticks!” And after I frustrated the peejeebers out of my Sunday School teachers, they often said, “You just need to have faith…and go sit down.” (Which I learned means “I don’t know the answer to your question and I don’t want to think about it.”)     If you don’t know about flannelgraph awesomeness, you NEED to watch this video: here I never quit asking questions and over analyzing things (hence the English teacher gig), but I did learn not to share all of my questions (hence the me actually having friends deal). However, through the years, I learned that God is actually super OK with my questions. When I pray, read the Bible, and freely vent my questions I’m constantly amazed at the things I discover. The more honest I am, the more I have to admit that a lot of the things in the Bible bother me. As I do this, I have developed what I call “WTH” prayers: Where I read a passage and am honest…