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I Wrote a Play, But I Ain’t Playing…Luke 2

Seeking the Blessiest Blessing So, as you know, (because I’m sure you read all of my blog posts about Luke!) Luke was writing to his wealthy, Roman patron friend Theophilus so that Theophilus could know that all the things he heard about Jesus were true. When I read Luke 2, I like to imagine Luke talking to Theophilus about what he had written:   Luke:“Yo, Theo check out this story. You are going to be blown away by how God announced the birth of Jesus. Before I tell you, try to guess how he’d do it.” Theo:“Well. Since you Israelites have tons of religious dudes whose job it is to tell everyone what to believe. I’d guess God would send some angels to them. Or maybe… some of the rich Israelites that everyone respects… maybe he’d send a messenger to them so they could tell everyone.” Luke:“Nope. That’s not at all what my God did. You know how I’m always telling you that Jesus is different and how God is not impressed by the things that man is impressed with? This next part of the story is going to blow you away. God announced the birth of his son to… Shepherds!” Theo: (sits down gasping, horribly shaken,)“Shepherds?! You’re kidding.” Luke:“Yup. You heard me. Smelly, sleeping on rocks, risking their lives for animals that were going to be sacrificed, uncultured, poor shepherds. God sent angels to tell them that Jesus had been born and they went around telling everyone. They were so excited by the news, they would go talk to anyone. They forgot all about how much people look down on them.” Theo: “That’s crazy!” Luke: “I know, right?! And guess what else!!!  Remember that really annoying census that ‘Exalted’* Caesar had taken? Remember how proud he was. He was the ruler of the world and he could make everyone obey him. Turns out, that census, led Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem where the prophecies from hundreds of years before said that the Messiah would be born.” Theo: “So, you are saying that Exalted Caesar was a pawn in God’s plan? Woah…” (Theo, mind blown, falls back on his Roman fainting couch.) Luke: “Pretty wild, huh. Only a lot of the world missed it and still does…” (end dialog…