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7 Ways Christians Make God Smaller Than He Is

Everyone that has met with me in one of our church’s homegroups during the past year, can tell you that I’m obsessed with thinking about how big God is. (Think, eye rolls, and “we get it, God’s super big, but can we still pass around the sign up sheet for snacks?!” LOL) It all started a couple of years ago when I read the book, Ruthless Trust, by Brenning Manning. In this book, he talks about one reason atheists reject our Christian notion of God is because we have made him “too small”. He goes on to explain that physicists who were working on the Big Bang Theory (not the TV show!) were kind of freaked out when they realized that an outside force would have had to initiate the bang. So, the scientists were all majorly geeking because of the intensely scary thought of how big that outside force would have to be1. As I wrestled with this idea and what it meant for me, I somehow came across Stephen Hawking’s thoughts about aliens (which totally relates!). If you don’t know who Stephen Hawking is, he is the brainy science dude that all of the other brainy science dudes look up to. And Stephen says that if there are aliens out there, we should not attempt to contact them. Stephen has done some pretty cool studies about the universe and he understands that it is pretty freaking huge. Our univers is so vastly enormous that reaching another solar system would take technology vastly beyond anything we can even consider right now and any beings with this technology could not possibly value us as a species.2 As in, the aliens would need super smart mega brains in order to figure out how to get here and they couldn’t possibly value our little pea brains at that point! As I pondered the significance of this for weeks,… somebody showed me a wildly inappropriate comedian, Bo Burnham, who for some reason* fascinated me. He was a bitter, swearing, thoughtful, funny young man. In his skit, he sang a song from the perspective of God and he said, “You’re not going to heaven. Why the F*&%$ would you think I’d ever want to kick it with you? There’s a trillion aliens that are cooler than you.” 3 While…