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Coffee Cup Theology

“Mrs. Felkel! Mrs. Felkel!” Nathan’s 7th grade teacher came running up to me in quite a tizzy! “I’m so glad I caught you! Nathan was just awful in class today!” My mind started racing as she talked. I started thinking of all the possibilities of what he could have gotten into. She continued. “He sang a dirty song in class, made the girls cry and then was rude and argumentative when I corrected him.” As she was describing this to me, I pictured my son standing on a desk singing a song so completely vulgar that it made the girls in class burst into tears from sheer embarrassment and then flipping the teacher off and calling her the “c” word because she corrected him. I chuckled and said, “That doesn’t sound like Nathan.” (LIFE LESSON: Chuckling is NOT a good response to anyone that is in a tizzy!) And this very offended full on tizzified teacher explained to me, “If you don’t think that sounds like him, then perhaps, you don’t know your son.” Now I was tizzified! So…I went to one of those meetings where we discussed what to do about my son’s horrid behaviors: She began,“Well it all started when Nathan rushed through his exam and finished it in 20 minutes. He had over an hour left and refused to look over his test again.” Yep! Now, that sounds like Nathan! ”Then, as soon as other people handed their tests in, he started talking to them.” Yep. That sounds like Nathan too! “When everyone was finished, he kept getting louder and louder. I looked over at him and said, ‘shhh’ and he just kept talking.” Oh yeah! That sounds completely like Nathan. He thinks “Shhh” just means talk slightly (imperceptibly) quieter! “Then towards the end of class, I let everyone talk and he started singing loudly over the top of everyone: ‘Deck the halls with gasoline…Strike a match and watch it clean.’” That’s your vulgar song? What a relief! I had imagined much worse! Yep. That was definitely Nathan. I then had an argument with the teacher defending that my son was not a horrible vandal ready to burn down the school. She said, “Well I just don’t understand why anyone would think that’s funny.” Thankfully, I didn’t say, “Perhaps if you stood up and…