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Schooled in Thankfulness by Local Constable!

I invited my friend Deb over recently to share her story with me. I knew Deb from church when we used to work in the nursery together. I knew she was a neat person from our brief conversations over crying babies and toddler drama. I wasn’t prepared for just how neat she is and how much her story was going to convict me. Deb started sharing her story with a sly smile on her face. “I’m not sure you are going to write my story. It’s kinda crazy. I literally became a Christian in a rubber room.” I was intrigued! Deb grew up as a devout Catholic but her religion did not translate into a real relationship with God. For her, it was simply a list of rules that she followed. She wanted more but didn’t know how to seek God. Through several trials in her life, she began to understand that God was seeking her. She began to study the Bible and seek to really know God. Years ago, she had problems with her husband, in Rhode Island, so she took her children and ran away to Texas. As a single mom in a strange place, she faced a new set of problems as she tried to take care of her young family far from all her support networks. One trial during this time came from Deb taking herbal supplements. She counted on them to help her as she tried to manage all of the stresses of being a single mom. She had no idea that she could become addicted to the ephedrine that was in these supplements.  The ephedrine was causing her to have severe migraines. One night her migraines became so severe that she wound up in the emergency room. Because of the tough situation that she was already in and because she obviously was new to the area, as she lay in the hospital, one of the nurses who should have been helping her, targeted her as an easy victim for abuse… In the course of fighting her abusers, Deb wound up being committed to a psychiatric hospital. When she refers to this experience Deb says, “I committed my life to Christ in a rubber room.” She was completely isolated and kept in a straightjacket. She remembers being scared to death and realizing that her life had to change. “I prayed and…