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I’m Thankful for Messiness!

If you hang around me for more than an hour, you will hear me say, “Life is messy, God is good. That’s because an hour is about the limit of how long I can pull off pretending that I have it all together! After that, I just have to admit that I’m a hot mess and I’m clinging to the hope that God is doing something in my life! 😉 In all honesty, and a little seriousness, “Life is messy, God is good” sums up my deep theological beliefs formed over the past 30 years of trying to follow Jesus: There are several key events in my life that shaped this philosophy. The first group of events comes from my own “messiness” as I try to follow Jesus while simultaneously having a “wild streak two counties wide”. I’m easily bored, I’m incredibly sarcastic, I love edgy people and I am not very good at fitting in at church. The messiness that this has caused in my life is enough to fill a couple of novels. And since this is a blog and my kids already pick on me for writing too much…let’s just suffice it to say that I have wrestled with a lot of judgment from church people and it really bothered me. I’m even currently being shunned by a church which is pretty funny, I’m not sure how cutting off contact is supposed to help me see the grievous error of my ways, but OK… In the middle of trying to fit in with church expectations, I sought God a lot. I prayed a lot. I cried, journaled, begged, whined and occasionally listened. In those moments when I listened, I learned that God is very good. He loves me and he is at work in my life even though it is sometimes (often) super messy. A second group of events centered around my work with migrant workers in NC. I was completely shaken by the situations that people were living in right here in America. I was overwhelmed with the problems. I was disgusted by the lack of response from church people and I was mad at God for not fixing everything. It came to a head when I sat in a meeting…