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REAL real Christmas Traditions

We all like to post pictures and stories about quaint holiday traditions and lovely decorations. I try to do some of that, but, I also have a lot of REAL real Christmas traditions that are not so Instagram worthy.  Today, I’m sharing a few of our most repeated Felkel family non-Instagram worthy, aggressively average, real holiday traditions: So…while I love parts of Christmas, there are definitely some other parts of the holiday season that I don’t love. The Christmas season, while enjoyable at times, is also stressful and a big painful reminder of all my shortcomings (like my inability to follow a recipe). So if my joy comes from my ability to successfully navigate this holiday, which is obviously designed for Martha Stewarts and Kelly Riptas (no, wait, that’s the Rhode Island Public Transit)…Whatever that crazy, I can do everything, career juggling, cute, bakey mom’s name is,  my joy doesn’t come from being like her. My joy comes from spending time with Jesus. Therefore, I’m OK with admitting my shortcomings as evidenced in the following “traditions”: The Annual Cursing of the Greens- This tradition started at my first Christmas with my hubby, 26 years ago. I made him go cut a live cedar tree out of a neighbor’s woods. If you don’t know, cedar trees smell awesome, but they are also very prickly and annoying to get to stand up straight. So began Brian’s annual frustration and cursing of the greens. This tradition reached it’s full glory when we had a house with a vaulted ceiling and huge picture windows that demanded a ridiculously tall tree. Which subsequently had to be held up with a super large tree stand; which meant the tree had to be held straight for 5 or 6 agonizing minutes by an impatient pre-adolescent boy. Inevitably, whichever son had this unfortunate task would get tired of holding the tree still and decide to see how little effort he could extend. This led to many great memories of cursing, frustration, and some crooked trees. (followed by the annual argument about the cursing…2   The Annual Realization that I don’t really enjoy baking. Every year, someone invites me to a cookie exchange. Every year, I really try to follow a recipe but they are soooo boooring. There is like no…