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Sometimes You Gotta Admit That You’re A Viper

Luke 3   Theophilus and his ancient Roman-y friends are sitting around reading the book of Luke together. They read about John the Baptist and how he was sent to “prepare the way for the Lord.” Already, just a few pages in to Luke’s account, they know to expect the unexpected from the story of Jesus. These guys knew what it meant to prepare for an Emperor to come to your town. The roads had to be prepared for chariots, horses and hundreds of foot soldiers. The town better be ready to accommodate all of their needs for food, lodging, and whatever partying they decided to partake in. And, Caesar didn’t just visit a town for leisurely vacations, there was always some important business: tributes, punishments, reminders of his power, ceremonies, celebrations, or conquests. Whatever his purpose, one thing every ancient citizen was aware of, if he was coming to your town, you had better be ready. (Consider this scene from the story of Julius Caesar. Think of the power these ancient rulers had. Imagine the fear and work that accompanied a visit to your city. Julius Caesar entering Rome Gruesome ending.) Into this same society, Jesus the Lord of all creation, was getting ready to visit the occupied Roman towns of Israel. John the Baptist was his messenger sent ahead of him “to prepare the way.”  John had a message from God that would prepare people to receive the great ruler who was about to come visit them. What was his message? How did it prepare people to receive Jesus when they encountered him?     As I was writing this, I became frustrated and discouraged. I took a break to look at Facebook and felt more overwhelmed and discouraged. What am I doing here? Jesus? Can you give me an answer? Tell me what to do? I just wanted to throw my computer out the window and give up! I decided to push through and keep writing… So, I came back to the computer, sat down to look at what I was writing… Preparing the way for Jesus…hmmm starts with repentance… That reminds me of all the verses in the Bible where hearing from God starts with humility…hmmm…how does this relate to people today? I sat here pondering how this related to people today for a few minutes and then it hit…