A Spiritual Dive Bar

House Rules:
  • No tools allowed. Read, comment, discuss, disagree...just don't be a tool about it. Everyone's opinion and story matters. 
  • Expect Sarcasm- Before you get offended, ask yourself, "Was she being sarcastic?" The answer is probably yes. Are you still offended? Then I'm sorry. (Unless you were being a tool...then not so much!).
  • Two Drink Minimum- I'm kidding. This isn't an actual bar. It's just a metaphor for what I'm trying to do here. However, I have been told that after two drinks, my humor makes much more sense to people.
All y'all are welcome here!!
Tool: n. a person who is divisive, arrogant, obnoxious, and/or self-centered. Most of us are these things at some point. However, if these traits generally define you, you are probably a tool. In Christian circles, tools know how to hide their toolishness with a lot of churchy talk. Don't do that here!

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  1. | 30th May 17

    Cindy, I love the title of the blog, as well as the titles of some of the subjects you address. Can’t wait to read some of them.

    • Cindy | 5th Jun 17

      Thank you!!! Sometimes I look at my titles and think, “there is seriously something wrong with me!”

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