Bible Studies

Study of the book of John

Mawmaw Thia's Collection of Random Thoughts, Connections, Reflections and Hopefully Inspiring Writings about the Book of John

My constant thought as I read John is "I want people to know THIS Jesus." My words do not do justice to all that I learned and how crazy awesome Jesus is. I hope that somehow they encourage you to look past the ugly parts of religion and judgmentalism in our culture and see how completely different and amazing Jesus really is.


Below are the links to all of my reflections:


Intro to John 1

More on John 1

Led Zepplin sang about this section of John!

WHY is the Wine Gone?!! John 2

Sneaking around at night: John 3

Hanging out with loose women- John 4

Questioning-John 5

It Just Keeps Getting Weirder!-John 6

A Chapter for the Working Class-John 7


Don't be crazy! It's OK to change. John 9

Beggar Schools Scholars- John 10

Your theology shouldn't fit on a coffee cup! -John 11

 John 11 and a story about Poo

That Awkward Lady at Church...John 12

4 Things That Jesus Taught Which Are Hard to Believe...John 12

How to Rock this Humilty Thing! John 13

Mighty Smite-y God and Lovey Dovey Jesus- John 14

Doing Greater Things Than Jesus? John 15

Who Hated Jesus and How Do I Get Them to Hate Me Too? John 16

The Ego of the Humblest Man Ever- John 17

Arrogant Religion or Bold Faith? John 18

Press on Nails, Religion, and John 19

Resurrection and the Town Crazy Lady-John 20

 I highly encourage you to read the scripture for yourself and let me know what you think! God speaks to us all individually. I value your insight! Please share questions, protests, threats, or WHATEVER  with me. I love to know people are reading and thinking about what I share.