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Daily Archives: May 25, 2017

10 Ways to Stay Married and Usually Happy

How to Make it to Your 26th Anniversary 1. You must get married in a dress similar to Princess Dianna’s dress. I don’t know what the magic in this dress design is, but everyone I know that has been married 20-30 years got married in this type of dress! 2. Don’t listen to Kenny Rogers. His music maybe…but not his advice. He says he knows all about marriage because he has been married so many times! It’s funny. We all laugh. But I constantly see people getting advice from miserable, selfish people who have never had a decent relationship. The only reason you should ask them for relationship advice is to find out what not to do! Seriously people! Find someone with a great relationship similar to what you’d like to have and spend time with them! Ask them what makes it work!   3. Understand What Commitment Means!!! Relationships take work. Attraction comes and goes. Feelings are unreliable. You will be attracted to other people. You will have hard times. If you don’t have a commitment to get you through those times, you will never be able to build a life together. Brian and I believe that marriage is a covenant*: meaning that we would rather die than break our vows. There have been times that we drove each other so crazy that death started to seem like an attractive option…not even kidding…but we made it through and love each other a ton more because we survived those times together. That history together strengthens our bond like nothing else can. 4. Pray!!! I say all the time that my kids and my marriage are proof that prayers work! If anyone deserves to have messed up kids and a failed marriage, it’s me! When my kids were little, they would get mad and go sit in the corner with a Bible and note pad. They didn’t know how to read, but they knew when Mom was losing it, that’s what I did! And there were times when Brian and I both prayed for strength to endure! Truthfully, we’ve never been good at praying together, because apppaaarently…someone is really long winded in her prayers and torturous to listen to! But we rock at praying for each other. 5. You seriously need help. Marriage is hard. Spouses…