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Daily Archives: April 25, 2017

The Ego of the Humblest Man Ever- John 17

The Humblest Man Who Ever Lived Prays to be Glorified If you are like me, the idea of “glorifying” yourself is kind of repulsive. It brings to mind characters like Tony Stark in the Iron Man movies, whose character is summed up when he is being given a medal. Tony is being honored for all of the heroic things he has done for America, but the people closest to him know that he is an arrogant jerk. As he is being pinned, the official pokes him with the pin and says, “It’s amazing how annoying a little prick can be!” It’s hilarious, because Tony is always in it for Tony. That’s the kind of picture that comes to my mind when I think of someone glorifying themselves. And here we are in John 17, with Jesus praying for God to glorify him. The Bible is actually full of verses about God wanting to be glorified. Clearly, God isn’t an egotistical jerk, but what’s with all of the wanting to be praised?  This is one of those things that I struggled with but knew that I wasn’t supposed to question. Church people are always excited about “glorifying God” and they sing songs about how in everything they do, they “glorify God”* so I knew I wasn’t supposed to say, “uhhhhmmm how does this not make God a big selfish jerk that just wants to bless people that feed his ego?” And to be even more brutally honest, it’s a big part of American church culture to believe that if we “glorify, praise, honor, lift up, exalt… (insert synonyms ad nauseum)” God enough, he will give us everything we want. Though the people who are most caught up in this tend to be wealthy because it’s a little harder to pull off the constant denial of reality when you have actual problems. I doubt there are people in third world villages buying into America’s prosperity gospel. However, there are Christians in third world countries buying into the glorifying Jesus gospel. Some of the most amazing Christians that I have met throughout my lifetime were the ones who endured great trials and praised God in the middle of them. The migrant couple I worked with who slept on the floor in…