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Why Can’t I Calm Down?

Reluctant Reflections on Luke 1:66-80 One of the most amazing, annoying and often painful things about being a follower of Jesus is that: if you truly seek him, he will reveal things in your life that need to change. I’m currently reading a book The Emotionally Healthy Church* by Peter Scazzerro (which is totally annoying and I don’t recommend it, because it isn’t all about how great I am… ) In chapter 5 of this book, Pete gets way too into my business! The chapter is about “looking beneath the surface”. He is talking about how we need to address all of the underlying issues in our lives, (or start chipping away at them anyway…) My first thoughts about this chapter were, “I don’t really need to read this. I’m very self-aware. I reluctantly let God change me on a semi-regular basis (every time there is a crisis!)”  On page 82, Pete lists some annoying and difficult questions to ask ourselves if we want to deal with our emotional health. Why am I always in a hurry? Why am I so impatient? Why am I so anxious? (Grrr! Oh no he didn’t!) Why am I overly concerned that others tell me I’m okay…? Why am I so flooded with fear? Why am I so over-concerned that I succeed? Why do I avoid confronting difficult people? Why do I have a need to immediately respond to all phone calls and emails? Or why do I avoid returning certain emails, phone calls or text messages? My hubby and I were on a long car trip and I was reading the book to him. As I read the list, I had an uneasy nagging feeling that I needed to deal with some of my “issues” but I honestly couldn’t think of anything. (I imagine God must find this quite amusing what with him actually being perfect and all!!!!) So, I half-heartedly prayed with my husband for God to reveal to us things in our lives that are hidden beneath the surface of our outward behaviors, things we need him to help us overcome and change. That night as I lay in bed, unable to sleep, I had a big “duh moment”. I remembered the Bible verse Isaiah 26:3 “You will keep in perfect peace, him whose mind…